Satu-Minna Suorajärvi is a sculptor born and living in Helsinki. During her sculpture studies at the Academy of Fine Arts she became enthusiastic about 3D modeling. Since then she has been interested in combining digital technologies with visual arts and has been trying to renew old habits and traditions of sculpture.

After graduating with an MFA she started creating sculptures using 3D printing and laser cutting techniques, allowing her to produce forms that were impossible to make by hand. In recent years she has been working at the intersection of handmade and digital fabrication, seeking to bridge the gap between technological, virtual and organic realities.

Through 3D modeling she has rediscovered a path to  organic shapes. The ideas for her sculptures stem from natural sciences and phenomena that manifest in everyday life. The process of 3D modeling and digital fabrication yields unexpected forms that serve as reminders of the human condition.





Viinentie 1 c

00370 Helsinki