Today I started as a 3D-printer. I am a total beginner.  My machine is Minifactory with maximum print size 150mm x 150mm x 150mm. It has a strong metal chassis, so it seem quite durable and stable. First sounds are so robotic. But 3D-printing doesn't come easy. 

First job installing Repetier Host firmware  to my Modbook takes quite amount of my precious time. But finally I get decent G-Codes. Then I start warming up  my MF and try to get PLA filament through nozzle. The filament tries to bend but after some tool exercise I get steady extrusion through my nozzle.  I am having serious problems because my printing won't stick to heated bed (60-80 C). Using blue tape and hair spray won't help, so I use UHU spray clue, fantastic.  But after some time my object moves on the heated bed. So I start again and the object won't stick to the bed this time either. I decide to use glue gun, clue object to bed and one problem solved!