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Large scale lost PLA casting to alumiun

Posted by satu-minna suorajärvi on Sunday, December 21, 2014, In : Aluminiun casting 

My sculpture Abyss was 3D-printed to PLA in 9 parts (final size 1000 mmx1000mx1000mm).
Some of them were gunglued together and after that
cast to alumiun in lost PLA technique thanks to Jorma Kärkkäinen's foundry.
The final work was carpainted by Overpaint, so  dedicated professionals.

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Passage -exhibition in gallery Scuptor Helsinki

Posted by satu-minna suorajärvi on Sunday, December 21, 2014, In : Exhibition 

View to my solo exhibition Passage from Sculptor gallery Helsinki. 
This has been quite a passage or journey through new field in sculpture.
My horizon has been opened to 3D-printing. 

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About Me

Satu-Minna Suorajärvi is sculptor, medical doctor and 3D Designer from Helsinki, Finland. She is combining art to the field of digital technology in order to elaborate a new language generated by 3D computer softwares.

Coming events:

Dew pearl, public sculpture, September 2018, Satakunta Region Hospital.

Teaching: Digital sculture 1 - 3d modeling and 3d printing for sculpture, 11.9. - 17.10.2018, Aalto University.

Teaching: Let's 1,2,3 VR workshop by The Finnish Institute in London, 30.10. - 2.12.2018, Brighton. 

Con Amore, 6.11. - 24.3.2019, Rovaniemi Art Museum.